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WANTED: Daddy and the Pie; art by Alex Toth written by Bill DuBay

Mon, June 29, 2020
By: totheri
Posted on: Tue, March 10, 2020


The Toth family is helping a publisher track down the original art or high resolution images of the 8 page story Alex drew called "Daddy and the Pie". Two of the original pages are available through a friend with the remaining 6 to be uncovered. If anyone has a lead, we would appreciate the help. If the we are successful, it will be one more story faithfully re produced for all to enjoy.

Thank you, Eric Toth

NOTE: from tothfans I missed this post from March.

Alex Toth's Birthday

Thu, June 25, 2020
By: Tothfans
In celebration of Alex Toth's Birthday born this day June 25, 1928

Alex Toth's 91st Birthday

Tue, June 25, 2019
By: Tothfans

"Recognizing what would have been my dad’s 91st birthday. Amazing to witness his influence on the art of storytelling."

Eric Toth - June 25th, 2019

Table of Contents for the Book - Treasures Retold: The Lost Art of Alex Toth

Thu, June 20, 2019
By: Tothfans

Here is the complete Table of Contents for the Book "Treasures Retold: The Lost Art of Alex Toth" by Library of American Comics and IDW Publishing.

  • COVER Jon Fury and His Crew, 1955
  • Introduction Alex Totho Romance Comics
  • Casey Ruggles: Aquila Warren Tufts story and ins), newspaper strip. May 16 July 8, 1950
  • I  Struck It Rich signed "Hawk'). Personal love 11. Eastern Color September 1951
  • The Fisherman of Space (Sy Barry inks). Weird Thrillers #2, ZIN-Davis, Winter 1951
  • Dark of the Moon (Mike Peppe inis) Buster Crabbe +2. Lev Gleason February 1954
  • I Do... (Mike Peppe possible inker), Lovers #67 Alias, May 1955
  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue... (Make Peppe inks), Love Romances #49, Atlas, May 1955
  • Working Girl's Romance (Mike Peppe inks), Love Romances #53. Atlas, November 1955
  • Self-portrait, 1955
  • Air Power: You Are There: Fools, Daredevils and Geniuses, Prudential Insurance Co. Giveaway 1957 74
  • Til We Meet Again, My Own Romance 55. Atlas, January 1957
  • His Back to the Wall! (Stan Lee story), Western Gunfighters.24. Atlas, February 1957
  • Self-portrait, 1958
  • Alex Toth on Dell Comics/Western Litho
  • Famous Texans. Charles Goodnight, Jace Pearson's Tales of the Texas Rangers #16, Dell June 1957
  • Naval Aviation Firsts, Four Color #790, Dell, April 1957
  • The Land Unknown (Bob Ryder script), Four Color #845, Dell, August 1957
  • Antarctica, The Frozen South and Pioneer of the Pole, Four Color #845, Dell, August 1957
  • Gun Glory, Four Color #846, Dell, October 1957
  • FBI Agent in the Making and The FBI, Four Color #1069, Dell, November 1959 162
  • 77 Sunset Strip: Kookie's Close Call, Four Color #1106, Dell, June 1960 178
  • 77 Sunset Strip: Kookie's Catch, Four Color #1106, Dell, June 1960 179
  • 77 Sunset Strip: Kookie's Clues Four Color #1066, Dell, January 1960
  • 77 Sunset Strip: Kookie's Quandry, Four Color 1159. Dell, January 1961
  • The Danny Thomas Show: The Ballgame Four Color 1180, Dell, March 1961
  • Underwater Terrain and Dangerous Competition (Don Segail script. Mike Peppe inks), Frogmen 25. Del, May 1963
  • Alex Toth on Writing for Comics
  • Rockets and Range Riders, Richield Oil Co giveaway
  • 350 Years of American Dairy Foods, packaged by Western Publishing for the American Daily Association, 1957 225
  • Master of the World, movie advertising and promotional boolset, Sponsored Comics, 1961
  • Roy Rogers (ghosted for Mike Arens), newspaper strip, December 1960 - February 1961
  • Rally fo Catherine!, Schoolgirls Picture Library #180 (touchups on faces by unnamed artist). Fleetway, UK, 1962
  • Photo Mania illustration Petersen's Surfing Yearbook #3. Petersen Publishing, 1966
  • Alex Toth on Designs for Hanna-Barbera
  • Hanna-Barbera presentation art for various proposed series
  • Alex Toth on... The Lost Valley and Beyond
  • Dino Boy in the Lost Valley, storyboards leading to the introductory sequence, 966
  • Hot Wheels Kids, Mattel toys newspaper advertising campaign, 1970 266
  • Cover, Real West Vol. 16, #114. Charlton, April 1973 267
  • The Man Who Tried to Kill Death (Marvin Channing story), Rod Circle Sorcery #8. August 1974 272 ...
  • If I Were King. (Marvin Channing story). Red Circle Sorcery #9. October 1974 278
  • A Rolling Stone (Bill Chadbourne script), 1977 288
  • Space Ghost: Pilgreen's Progress (Mark Evanie story). TV Stars #3, December 1978 293
  • This Pencil for Hire (concept by Bill Peckmann: scripcolors by Rowland B. Wilson), advertising page for Phil Kimmelman & Associates, 1982
  • An Interested Party on. Alex Toth's Early Marriages
  • BACK COVER Previously unpublished Ilustration, 1977

90th anniversary of Alex Toth's birth

Mon, June 25, 2018
By: Tothfans

Art by Alex Toth and image designed and provided by Eric Toth.

This year is the 90th anniversary of Alex Toth's birth.

What can be said about the man and his art that has not been already said? Born on June 25, 1928 in New York City, New York as Alexander "Alex" Toth, Toth's approach as an artist in comic books, storyboards and design set the bar that to this day other artists are deeply influenced by and strive for.

He did not simply "draw cartoons". Toth instead imbued a real vitality into his figures. Each figure he drew is entirely natural and unique. The "character" in each face look like the people around you. No figure looks "posed" and instead is drawn as if it captures some elusive essence of real life.

As a designer his facility was both influenced by mid-century design as well as display his own remarkable sensibilities. Rockets, weapons, vehicles, costumes, creatures, buildings and gadgets galore. Entire worlds on the page and on TV. It is seemingly beyond belief how he alone created such variety.

Toth set an extremely high standard. He was always honing, revising and refining his craft. He never got complacent. He never seemed self satisfied. He drove himself to continuously adapt and improve. He seemed to be in search of something elusive and perhaps even existential in his art. Was it simplicity? Was it clarity? Was it perfection? Whatever it was and is, is pure Alex Toth and uniquely human.

So in this 90th anniversary of his birth perhaps do yourself a favor and each day look at at least one piece of Toth’s art. Not as something to copy, but instead as something to remind yourself of the example he set; to observe, to study, to adapt, to improve, to strive, and to continuously seek that something elusive in your own life.


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June 25 - Happy Birthday
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Creepy Presents Alex Toth (1)

Reply to this message   on 21-Aug-2014 9:39 am CDT:

It was just a matter of time. Now it's just a matter of waiting until next July!

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Toth wins two Eisners (1)

Reply to this message   on 26-Jul-2014 10:55 am CDT:

Yes, I gave Mullaney and Canwell a very hard time for their efforts, but I also lobbied for the best volume of the trilogy, the second, to be nominated for Eisners when I was one of the judges this year---and lo and behold, our man's book got doubly honored.

Toth Book volume 3. (2)

Reply to this message   on 25-May-2014 7:54 pm CDT:

A ton of very positive feedback on Facebook all about Volume 3. Still hope to hear more about the slip case.

Rebus fun (1)

Reply to this message   on 04-Apr-2014 2:24 pm CDT:

Does Tothfans engage in literary crosswords as a vehicle for education?

New info on the upcoming IDW Book. (5)

Reply to this message   on 02-Apr-2014 2:07 pm CDT:

Which small LA bookstore? "Genius"? Sounds interesting. i don't know anything about it. New to the art, but an avid consumer living Downtown for now. Get back to me on that.

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