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High-res Batgirl from Andrew Whitehurst

Fri, November 9, 2012
By: Tothfans


Click on image for high-res.

Another Try...

Thu, September 13, 2012
By: Tothfans

Ok, I decided to roll back to the code I released back in 2008 rather that have this whole site end up filled with spam.

I spend time to migrate the user accounts and cleaned up a few things. The logins are now your email address. If you forgot your password you can have a new one sent to you. if you don't remember which email address to login with, email me or simply create a new account. (email addresses and nicknames must be unique.).

Below is a quote post from when I released the code way back in 2008 before I rolled it back. It has a lot of cool features that let everyone participate much more than before. I hope people like it.



First posted in January, 2008....

"After many hours of web development I present to you the new Tothfans version 2.0. This new Tothfans website code allows everyone to participate and contribute content of all sorts in a new and simpler way.

New features:
- Create galleries with images (called "image sets")
- Upload images to other people's image sets
- Post your own articles, news stories, etc. (called "posts")
- Comment on specific images, posts, image sets.
- New front page integrated forums (called "discussions")
- Avatars for your user account.

Think about it as a group contributed newsletter devoted to Alex Toth. Kinda like Wikipedia where you are the contributor. Imagine articles written by fellow tothfans discussing Toth's history, influences, etc. Everyone can contribute themselves rather than going through the hassle of sending me stuff.

Now there is one small catch to this Alex Toth website utopia - to make sure the website is not perverted and turned into a spam free-for-all, all articles go into a queue for approval before contributions appear on the site. So please be patient and allow me some time to review and approve content. My only goal is to keep the site free from spam, inappropriate content, defamation and flame wars.

If I may ask, please be brutally honest and prove some feedback to me on the website. There is still a bunch of rough edges that need smoothing. So, If anything is confusing, broken, or just plain sucks LET ME KNOW (please).

Tothfans has always been the great website it is thanks to all the fantastic and generous participation from far and wide. So let's keep it up and content make our website the best ever.

Jeff Rose

P.S. Your old forum Password and your Username is the Email you had in the old forums. They will work to log in."

Forum software and Server Migration

Tue, September 11, 2012
By: tothfans


Time marches on. I have been using the same forum software for ten years (with some small upgrades) . Unfortunately, I needed to move to a new server. Rather than get all technical here, what this meant is that I could no longer use the old forum software.

Luckily someone was kind enough to write a migration tool to another forum code that would work on this server. It had some big issues that I needed to code around, but I was able to hack it and get everything migrated. Not a small task, but it's completed.

Everyone should be able to log in with their username and password. If not try the password recovery feature or email me. Sometimes the emails go in the spam folder so check for that if you do not get a reply in 5 min. or so. Works like a champ some email addresses. If this does not work drop me an email.

Also if you post a reply to this thread to let me know it is working that would be so greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for the understanding during the transition!


UPDATE: I just found out the software I migrated to is a spam magnet. It was up for only a few hours and full of spam. I have disabled the forum for now and will work out another solution. Thanks for the patience.

Eclipso begins today.

Fri, August 31, 2012
By: tothfans

The Fox!

Thu, August 30, 2012
By: tothfans

Alex Toth Fox drawing originaly posted to the web by artist and sculptor Rubén Procopio. You can find Rubén here and here.



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