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The Last Horrors of Alex Toth on

Wed, November 10, 2010
By: tothfans

"by James Romberger

Fear and suspense can be effectively created by the inference of the unknown. What is shown can be less harrowing than what is implied and then forms in the imagination of the reader. The late cartoonist Alexander Toth disliked drawing explicit horror and violence in the style of E.C., what he called “gore-gulping grind and grunge.” His preferred taste was for adventure fare appropriate for general audiences. However, throughout his career as an interpretive comic artist, he worked mainly on short stories for anthology titles and so he drew many horror stories. The artists of Toth’s generation drew comics primarily for children. When called upon to actually show ghouls and demons, he most often made them as flimsy as the harmless monsters he designed for children’s TV cartoons. Still, Toth is one of the greatest of America’s horror comics stylists because he believably renders the emotions of characters who face shadowy, barely-seen terrors."

...Read the rest of James' article on

Space Ghost And Dino Boy @

Tue, August 17, 2010
By: tothfans

With my new post of Toth's primer on TV Animation 'TV Cartoons',  I thought I would look for a few Toth cartoons online tonight.

There is no shortage of them on Youtube, etc. A few  'Space Ghost And Dino Boy' Cartoons are online @ So I thought I would start there. Unfortunately, the plots on these cartoon are non-existent, dull and the designs have been watered down by nameless animators, but the clever Toth character, creature and other designs can still be sussed out. The plots fall so far from the high-water mark that Hanna-Barbera achieved with Jonny Quest that it is really sad. You can see why Toth got frustrated with the industry.

But HB shows like these clearly stood out to many of us as children. I have heard from modern animators that these shows were monumental influences that they have brought into modern cartoons. So if you have a few minutes see if you can spot Toth’s vision.


Toth Biography due in October

Mon, March 29, 2010
By: tothfans

Alec Stevens posted this on the topic of the Toth Biography,

"Here's what Dean Mullaney had to say to Newsarama this month on the topic:

Mullaney: We're in the midst of a sprawling biography of Alex Toth, titled Genius, Isolated and due out in October. We view it as sort of a bookend to our 2008 Scorchy Smith & The Art of Noel Sickles, which I think would tickle Alex, since he was such a huge Sickles fan.

We're working with the approval and support of the Toth family, and in addition to detailed coverage of Alex's life story, we'll be presenting many rare or never-before-seen visuals, as well as complete reprints of several of his stories. We're excited to be offering readers new insights into the mind of Alex the man, and fresh, full-color examples of the work of Alex the artist's artist. "


Roy Rogers comic strip book - request for scans

Wed, February 24, 2010
By: tothfans
Hey folks, here is an email I received recently. Can anyone help find good scans of the Roy Rogers strips Toth ghosted in the 60s for an upcoming Roy Rodgers comic strip book?

Here is the email..

Saturday, February 20, 2010 1:20 PM
"Tim and Karen Lasiuta" <tlasiuta @>

Dear Family

My name is Tim Lasiuta, and I work with Hermes Press. We are putting together a Roy Rogers strip book and would like to include the Toth strips from 60/61, Sadly, we do not have good copies of the strips.

Would you be willing to post a request for good scans at 600 dpi for us?

Tim Lasiuta


Here are some examples of the Roy Rogers strips Toth ghosted: Roy Rogers comic strip

All Star tribute toToth podcast @

Wed, October 7, 2009
By: tothfans

Inazuma Tiger Posted,

"Hey all,

Just wanted to inform you that Part One of the All Star Toth tribute podcast on SiDEBAR has been posted. Part Two will be posted shortly. It all promises to be an absolutely epic thank you to Mr. Toth!

Please drop in for a listen under Episode 109: "

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