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Happy Birthday Alex Toth!

Sun, June 25, 2017
By: Tothfans

Happy Birthday Alex Toth! Born this day, June 25th 1928. Below is his official High School Graduation photo from 1946.

R.I.P. Darwyn Cooke - His Tribute to Alex Toth

Sat, May 14, 2016
By: Tothfans

After Alex Toth passed away, "The Alex" was sent to John Hitchcock to post here by the great Darwyn Cooke.

Today May 14th, 2016 Darwyn himself passed away.

R.I.P. Darwyn. A true comic genius whose legacy will also live on...

From the original post - "Darwyn Cooke has sent us his comic "The Alex" which he created to honor Alex Toth. If you missed this on free comic book day, it now has a home there on tothfans.

Thanks Darwyn!

Thanks also go to John Hitchcock for engaging Darwyn to share it with the site, and to Chris Ferguson for technical support and scanning the last few pages which got garbled in the email."

Toth Tribute Tuesday - Craig Rousseau

Tue, April 12, 2016
By: bluemoonpaul

Herculoids triptych by Craig Rousseau

Toth Tribute Tuesday - Paul Moore

Tue, November 24, 2015
By: bluemoonpaul

The Edge by Paul Moore

Toth Tribute Tuesday - Jason Hanks

Tue, November 17, 2015
By: bluemoonpaul


Bravo For Adventure by Jason Hanks

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Burma Sky Original Art Scans (1)

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Buz Sawyer (1)

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Great sequence from Buz Sawyer!

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The new forum (now discussion) code features. (1)

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Here is the new forum/discussion code.

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new LEE WEEKS book from TwoMorrows (1)

Reply to this message   on 30-Aug-2008 2:24 pm CDT:

Congratulations to mainstream comics pro and fellow Toth fan Lee Weeks on his new book in the TwoMorrows MODERN MASTERS series:

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