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In honor of Alex Toth's Birthday, we announce "Creator's Day"

Wed, June 25, 2014
By: Tothfans

On this day 86 years ago Alexander Toth was born.

In the profession he chose to make a career in, his art, his life's work, was initially thought of as a throw-away - mere guides for animators or entertainment for people in a monthly comic book. Something to be consumed for a short period of time before something else new was brought out into market to replace it.

But there is something about a creator like Alex Toth and the multitudes of others who brought something different and unique beyond the work-a-day output. Something extra special and enduring. No one can bottle or nail down exactly what it is that Toth and creators like Jack Kirby, Dan Decarlo, Doug Wildey, Iwao Takamoto, John Romita, and so on, did specifically.  What is known is that they brought their own vision and creativity beyond the disposable work-a-day experience. Something beyond just cashing a paycheck and moving on.

For fans, Alex Toth's lifetime of art created a legacy of awe, entertainment, and inspiration that continues to this day. A once throw-way art has become a permanent record for countless multitudes to enjoy and be inspired. Other creators continue this and follow in each other's footsteps to bring inspiration and entertainment in new ways.

So in honor of Alex Toth's Birthday we at Tothfans would like to make a suggestion – We declare  June 25th “Creators day” in Alex Toth's honor.

What is the idea behind “Creators Day”? The thought is to take this day every year to bring new awareness, discussion, celebration and recognition of creative visionaries like Alex Toth and others.  Artists and writers, both past and present, who work behind-the-scenes (and/or in front) in bringing joy and excellence to the creative/entertainment arts in animation, illustration, literature, movies, and comics.

And to kick-off  'Creators Day' on Alex Toth's Birthday we have Eric Toth's special post.

Eric said this about the drawing, "This is a birthday card for my sister Dana circa 1972. My Dad made many personal cards, notes and letters to us and our Mom over all those years."

So post something (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook) and let us know who inspires you. Add #creatorsday to your posts to share. Thank you and happy Creator's Day!


Tue, June 24, 2014
By: Tothfans
Tomorrow is Alex Toth's birthday. Come back tomorrow, June 25th to celebrate and see what we post.

Toth Tribute Tuesday - Gianmaria Caschetto

Tue, June 10, 2014
By: bluemoonpaul

Toth Twofer by Gianmaria Caschetto

Genius, Animated & Reviewed by James Romberger

Wed, June 4, 2014
By: Tothfans

Writer and Artist James Romberger has posted his thoughts and analysis of the newly released 'Genius, Animated: The Cartoon Art of Alex Toth' for 'The Comics Journal'.

As well expected for those who are familiar with James' reviews of the previous volumes in this series, this review offers his no-holds-barred perspective on the latest and last volume in the series.

And on a side note, I would strongly recommend you pick up James' book 'Post York' published by Uncivilized Books.

Toth Tribute Tuesday - John Paul Leon

Tue, June 3, 2014
By: bluemoonpaul

Simply The Best by John Paul Leon

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"The Short Circus"
AcmeCon Convention Sketch
Roy Rogers Dailies Collection - Ghosted by Alex Toth
Fan Art Tribute - Indian Chief
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DC Showcase: House of Secrets (4)

Reply to this message   on 10-Aug-2008 8:01 pm CDT:

Yep, got it today. The five stories I listed in my prior post are in there. Reproduction isn't that great but they are certainly readable! It's not a lot of Toth but for $17 this 400+ page monster of Silver age art I believe is worth getting.

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This Guy Smoking Crack? (2)

Reply to this message   on 05-Aug-2008 4:04 pm CDT:

For those that haven't been on eBay this week, check this puppy out:

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Reply to this message   on 09-Aug-2008 9:46 pm CDT:

Well, I've scanned a page here or there to email to someone for reference but scanning the whole book would probably destroy the book binding. The way the book is put together to be able to get really good scans of every image you'd completely wreck the binding. Besides, that's a hell of a lot of scans and a website that would put all those images up would probably run into the same problem the original publisher had in the first place, a cease and desist order from H&B and probably DC as

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New Alex Toth Art! (3)

Reply to this message   on 20-Jul-2008 9:43 pm CDT:

Great Creepy pages. Interesting combo of the two artists. Leo did incredible work for Warren. I wish his work had caught on more here in the states. He did some freelance storyboarding at ILM, then later did work for Guillermo Del Toro on the first Hellboy movie. A very kind, softspoken old gentleman. Last I'd heard, he'd left L.A. and moved back to Europe. There was one incredible period piece he did for Eerie about two vampire twins. Great stuff! The work here Toth certainly made his

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