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Official Alex Toth website : The Annotated Toth : "Survival!"


John Hitchcock PARTS UNKNOWN Greensboro, NC July 13th, 2002 Dear Alex, Thank you for the excellent job on the last story. I think you are really warming up to the challenge. Everyone on the web site really is enjoying your memories of this classic material. Most of the Toth fanatics want you to spend more time on your decisions, your choices when you are doing a story. Any people, politics, or thoughts on each story are very welcome. Your carping on your old stories is fine. We all know with the passing of time you see differently, you think differently and as an artist you always see the flaws in your work. That's fine with me, it will always be that way. I think this is very important for you to get your ideas down and this is a good start. So have fun and give us the scoop. Survival! - Blazing Combat # 3 Story by Archie Goodwin Your choice of mediums was perfect. The gray ash marker really plays to the subject of atomic holocaust. It creates an excellent environment, a crisp dark, a lone place. SURVIVAL! - PAGE ONE This page is a real attention grabber. It establishes the whole tone of the last man on Earth storyline. Panel one has a very alone, cold feeling and the silhouette is very powerful in its' use. The distance into the splash is strong too. I really like the framing of the lead character with the wagon being pulled. This creates a weight on the bottom of the splash page. This locks us into the story. Panel 2, 3, and 4 work well in establishing the idea that man's best friend is now a hunter. Panel 2, the close up of the wild dog pushes you to Panel 3, the battle for survival. Panel 4 shows the the main character will live another day. The action is swift and powerful.

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