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Official Alex Toth website : The Annotated Toth : "Unre(a)l"


John Hitchcock PARTS UNKNOWN Greensboro, NC August 7th, 2002 Dear Alex, Well, I guess your ears were ringing this past week, it seems that everyone I met at San Diego was asking about you. Julie said to say hello and all the Toth Fanatics at the big show as well. Oddly there was very little of your artwork at the show for sale. It might be time to let a few pages go that you want to get shed of I will gladly sell them for you on-line for free. Well, maybe a few doodles... Anyhoo, here is the next story; I am working on Bravo, getting it ready for you in 12 page breaks. It takes awhile to get this stuff together. I hope to get it to you next time. UNREAL! Written and drawn by Alex Toth - PAGE ONE - Splash, You start this story with an informative establishing shot of a plush estate from old Hollywood. Beautiful grounds and the classic old car. This really works in setting up the story.

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