White Devil...Yellow Devil!

Contributed by: tothfans on Wed, June 18, 2003 / 12:06am CDT

Official Alex Toth website : The Annotated Toth : White Devil...Yellow Devil!


Good Ol Alex, I hope you are doing well. The first story you did was a big hit on the TOTH FANS web sight. Your last card asked some interesting questions, First, the pages show up one at a time. Then you go to the next and the next. It looks great, I am glad I picked a thick card stock for you to doodle on. Second, your writing is perfect. Do not change a thing. If it runs down hill that is fine with me. Do not sweat it. Just keep up the great work. The folks want you to talk more about your story telling decions. And the things that you added, the choices you made, and that kind of stuff that you remember. Story Two. White Devil…Yellow Devil! I will give you a few springboards, my questions on the story as a reader. I hope that it will help you discuss the work. If it is a pain in the ass, let me know and I will stop. (Yeah, yeah, I know I am a pain but you should be use to it by now.) Page One. Eight panel grid layout. This sets up a rhyhm. A man and the jungle as one. Brilliant setup to the title. Panel two is a very abstract image. Is that on purpose the unclear image?

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