"The Monument"

Contributed by: tothfans on Fri, December 6, 2002 / 12:12am CST

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Dear Alex, I hope you had a great birthday. And I hope you got my present. Nothing like Hershey’s Chocolate to celebrate a birthday! The website is really enjoying your efforts. I am sure this kind of thing gets a little old hat after awhile but it is very interesting to get your views on a story, the people envolved, the choices you made in doing these wonderful stories. Amazing to me is the fact that they hold up so well years later. You should be very proud that so many people are discovering your work and love it so much. Anywho, The Monument, by the great Archie Goodwin. You used Ink and Markers, right? I always felt that this was an odd topic for a horror story. PAGE ONE - Nice establishing shot with the splash. The story revolves around the house so it is fitting to start there. The house design is very futuristic, did you ever study architecture? Panel Two - Cut to the story and characters. The use of the framed artwork is very smart here. I like the text panel cutting the figures and they are still there.

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