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New Galley Art!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, September 7, 2003 / 12:09am CDT in News

Your humble webmaster has been behind in his duties, but you Tothfans have not! Thus we have Gallery contributions from Tothfans Don (the scan of Toth's art for sale) and Leif (Young romance pages) to enjoy.

Note: Warring I left Leif's scans as they were posted so they will be slow downloads. But they are well worth the wait!

Questions about "The Question" answered!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Tue, August 26, 2003 / 12:08am CDT in News

It’s Gangster mugs, damsels in distress, and Wertham ’no-nos’! Toth annotates his rare and sublime version of “The Question”.

New art in the Gallery

      Contributed by:tothfans on Wed, August 6, 2003 / 12:08am CDT in News

Check out some superb Toth art in the Gallery including some new Supermen sketches and other rare gems.

The Vanguard!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Tue, July 8, 2003 / 12:07am CDT in News

It's got all the things Toth loves -- the 1930s, offshore gambling gangsters, a complicated mystery, and a hero worth drawing. And, amazingly enough, as Our Hero tells it, he was a reject. True! It's "The Vanguard", and even if you've read it before you've never seen it like this, with notes from The Man himself, so read on...

Ogden Whitney, Skyman and Toth!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, June 23, 2003 / 12:06am CDT in News

You read it here first! We broke comics history with the Annotated Toth, now Toth ventures into new realms annotating commentary on the work of Golden Age great Ogden Whitney and his high-flying hero "Skyman"! The classic Cord automobile! The Flying Wing aircraft! All the seminal stuff we expect from Toth, but in an earlier package. If you

We celebrate our Independence early with 3 new AnnoToths!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, June 16, 2003 / 12:06am CDT in News

From the patriotic flyers of the American Volunteer Group in "Burma Sky", to
the unexpected arrival of occult evil at a typical American farm in "Double
", to the mean streets of "Crushed Gardenia", it's Toth at his best...

Gallery update from Don!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Tue, June 10, 2003 / 12:06am CDT in News

It’s been a mighty long time since we have had a gallery update here at Tothfans. Thankfully our great fellow Tothfan Don Mangus has graciously sent scans of some top notch, eye popping Toth art. See it in the Mangus Collection. Better yet, buy it online at

Toth cover on ‘Alter Ego’ magazine no. 25!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, June 1, 2003 / 12:06am CDT in News

As many of you may know, Toth has been contributing columns, art, etc., to buddy Roy Thomas's magazine 'Alter Ego' for TwoMorrows Publishing.

Recently He contributed a piece about Mort Meskin for issue no. 24, and the most recent issue,

A Royal Welcome For This Week's 'AnnoToths'!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, June 1, 2003 / 12:06am CDT in News

"If I Were King" I would want to know "Who Is Haunting The Haunted Chateau?" so I could live in my castle in peace. Perhaps, if you read Toth's latest notes "The Wings of Jealous Gods" will settle down and we'll have some peace and quiet...

Biplanes, UFOs and Death!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, May 26, 2003 / 12:05am CDT in News

Four of Toth's favorite topics in two stories: Biplanes and UFOs in the subtle creepy "Tibor Miko's Christmas Eve" and Errol Flynn and swashbuckling in "The Man Who Tried to Kill Death". Seems like I remember Tibor coming out of the mother ship in "Close Encounters" ...

Spooky Annotated!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, May 18, 2003 / 12:05am CDT in News

What connection could Alex Toth possibly have with Carol Landis, a town in Germany, witchcraft, rats, mobs, and a pack of kids you wouldn't want to take on a field trip?

Take a look at these latest "AnnoToths" from 'The Witching Hour' and the classic story "Eternal Hour" and see what

Two Fox Stories Annotated

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, May 4, 2003 / 12:05am CDT in News

Alex the Comics Fan shows it again, paying tribute to Irwin Hasen, Roy Crane and the joys of the past with his own nostalgic stories of "The Fox", part one and part two from Red Circle Comics' "Black Hood".

You can read what he has to say about them -- and get some rare glimpses and

Bugs in the system? No! "Comput-err" Annotated...

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, April 28, 2003 / 12:04am CDT in News

You won't believe us... so you better see Toth's newest annotations on "Comput-Err" and see him face more than one mystery.

Toth on 'Big Little Books'

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, April 21, 2003 / 12:04am CDT in News

A neat little illustration and Toth’ reminisces about the ‘Big little books’ of yesteryear.

Oo-la-la it's Toth annotated!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, April 20, 2003 / 12:04am CDT in News

It’s all here in this story folks, aviation, movies, Crane, Sickles and “sans any formulaic/house rules” it’s Toth’s whimsical and exciting “Oo-la-la” annotated!

Some of the best yet...

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, April 6, 2003 / 12:04am CST in News

Three new annotated stories from the Master... "Dirty Job", "Taps" and "Lone Hawk". Need we say more?

Love is in the Air...

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, March 29, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

"I do, I do, I do still love him!" *sigh* We do, too, and you'll know why if your read Toth's new annotations to "When Love Has Gone".

*flash!* - "Proof Positive"

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, March 29, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

Toth's fascination with antique photography leads to murder, and we have his notes on "Proof Positive" as the Annotated evidence.

More classic *romance* Annotated

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, March 22, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

Brrrrr. She's an ice queen, but don't give her a chilly reception. Take a look at Toth's notes on "Hide Your Love" and you'll know how to handle her, Baby. Chill out.

More Annotated!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Wed, March 19, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

Loose the hounds! The game's afoot... as we chase Alex through the newly annotated chiller, "The Mask of the Red Fox". Anyone care for tea?

Annotated Romance.

      Contributed by:tothfans on Fri, March 14, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

You liked 'em when they ran as Page of the Day! You begged for more! Toth's "chick" stories are back, this time with attitude! Catch "Masquerade" in its newly 'annotated' form. Read 'em and weep! *Sob*

Toth on Roy Crane!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, March 8, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

Prompted by Dave Cook's questions about sound effects in comics, Alex Toth has written a new article on his mentor Roy Crane. Read and enjoy!

"39/74" Annotated

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, March 2, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

One of Alex's most personal masterpieces, "39/74", cowritten with his late and much-beloved wife Guyla, is finally here as the latest addition to the "Annotated" archives, thanks to John Hitchcock. Read Toth's own commentary and reminiscences about this unique story, including his anecdotes about sending this story to Roy Crane. Toth asked for

Bravo for Adventure - Chapter 4!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, February 15, 2003 / 12:02am CST in News

Off-stage violence, silhouetting, TV and film references -- the "auteur" himself reveals the secrets of -- and his secret hopes for -- the finale of the masterpiece-among-masterpieces, "Bravo for Adventure - Chapter 4", as the last chapter concludes with Toth's own commentary and our own cry of "Bravo! for TOTH!!!!!"

"Bravo for Adventure" - Chapter 3!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, January 19, 2003 / 12:01am CST in News

The climactic 3rd chapter of "Bravo For Adventure" is finally here! Danger, denouement, disaster! What more could you want? Plus the dialogue between Alex Toth and Dave Cook as commentary -- like a track on a DVD -- but we have it in the margins!