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Toth on 'Big Little Books'

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, April 21, 2003 / 12:04am CDT in News

A neat little illustration and Toth’ reminisces about the ‘Big little books’ of yesteryear.

Oo-la-la it's Toth annotated!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, April 20, 2003 / 12:04am CDT in News

It’s all here in this story folks, aviation, movies, Crane, Sickles and “sans any formulaic/house rules” it’s Toth’s whimsical and exciting “Oo-la-la” annotated!

Some of the best yet...

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, April 6, 2003 / 12:04am CST in News

Three new annotated stories from the Master... "Dirty Job", "Taps" and "Lone Hawk". Need we say more?

Love is in the Air...

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, March 29, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

"I do, I do, I do still love him!" *sigh* We do, too, and you'll know why if your read Toth's new annotations to "When Love Has Gone".

*flash!* - "Proof Positive"

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, March 29, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

Toth's fascination with antique photography leads to murder, and we have his notes on "Proof Positive" as the Annotated evidence.

More classic *romance* Annotated

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, March 22, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

Brrrrr. She's an ice queen, but don't give her a chilly reception. Take a look at Toth's notes on "Hide Your Love" and you'll know how to handle her, Baby. Chill out.

More Annotated!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Wed, March 19, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

Loose the hounds! The game's afoot... as we chase Alex through the newly annotated chiller, "The Mask of the Red Fox". Anyone care for tea?

Annotated Romance.

      Contributed by:tothfans on Fri, March 14, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

You liked 'em when they ran as Page of the Day! You begged for more! Toth's "chick" stories are back, this time with attitude! Catch "Masquerade" in its newly 'annotated' form. Read 'em and weep! *Sob*

Toth on Roy Crane!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, March 8, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

Prompted by Dave Cook's questions about sound effects in comics, Alex Toth has written a new article on his mentor Roy Crane. Read and enjoy!

"39/74" Annotated

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, March 2, 2003 / 12:03am CST in News

One of Alex's most personal masterpieces, "39/74", cowritten with his late and much-beloved wife Guyla, is finally here as the latest addition to the "Annotated" archives, thanks to John Hitchcock. Read Toth's own commentary and reminiscences about this unique story, including his anecdotes about sending this story to Roy Crane. Toth asked for

Bravo for Adventure - Chapter 4!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, February 15, 2003 / 12:02am CST in News

Off-stage violence, silhouetting, TV and film references -- the "auteur" himself reveals the secrets of -- and his secret hopes for -- the finale of the masterpiece-among-masterpieces, "Bravo for Adventure - Chapter 4", as the last chapter concludes with Toth's own commentary and our own cry of "Bravo! for TOTH!!!!!"

"Bravo for Adventure" - Chapter 3!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, January 19, 2003 / 12:01am CST in News

The climactic 3rd chapter of "Bravo For Adventure" is finally here! Danger, denouement, disaster! What more could you want? Plus the dialogue between Alex Toth and Dave Cook as commentary -- like a track on a DVD -- but we have it in the margins!

“Bravo For Adventure” – Chapter 2!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, December 28, 2002 / 12:12am CST in News

The next part of the Classic "Bravo for Adventure" Annotated is up. Read "Bravo for Adventure - Chapter 2". Enjoy!

Wishing Alex Toth and all Tothfans a very Happy Holidays!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, January 19, 2003 / 12:01am CST in News

Here is the fantastic Tothfans Christmas card drawn by fellow Tothfan Nicolas Blocteur. The card and greetings were signed (via scans) and mailed to Toth in time for Christmas!

Many thanks to Nicolas and all who signed this year!

“Bravo For Adventure” – Chapter 1!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, December 16, 2002 / 12:12am CST in News

Just in time for the Holidays! Alex Toth's gift to us all -- the first 12-page installment of "Bravo for Adventure", Toth’s magnum opus serialized as he originally meant for it to be! Complete with notes and comments - the Auteur show us his vision!

Thanksgiving early!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, December 2, 2002 / 12:12am CST in News

A grand week on the Tothfans site, just in time to be "thankful" for Thanksgiving -- a feast for the eyes and mind to beat the feasts for the stomach! Alex has done the next 17-page "dream" sequence of "Bravo for Adventure", dialoguing with ol' Dave Cook about design, free association and other assorted fun. PLUS -- longtime Toth friends and

Annotated 'Who is Jesse Bravo?'!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, November 10, 2002 / 12:11am CST in News

It's here!!! The first four pages of Toth's original masterpiece "Bravo for Adventure" have arrived for the 'Annotated Toth'! Toth starts with the introductory story "Who is Jesse Bravo?" that he did for the Dragon Lady Press printing. In this 'Annotated', Toth banters with Dave Cook about the filmic influences, design & fashions as well as

Exclusive Toth Columns!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, November 4, 2002 / 12:11am CST in News

Wow! Now we're really "official" -- Alex has joined us for his own platform! As he often quotes, "Unhappy is the know-it-all with no one to tell it to." Well, now, he has his own web magazine without any interference from editors (although he still has to face the Forums). Check out the first three offerings under Articles -- "Let's Face It",

Memoir: Sol Harrison and knowing “what to leave out”

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, October 13, 2002 / 12:10am CDT in News

At times it’s to imagine that Toth was not born with his clean and powerful style right out of the gate. But as this latest postcard from Toth shows he also learned his lessons from others like Sol Harrison and worked hard to apply them - and apply them he did to legendary effect!Along with the memoir is an image from a section of an envelope that Toth uses as an example for us young Tyros to

It's Official! New URL! Updates!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, October 5, 2002 / 12:10am CDT in News

SPECIAL ANOUNCMENT: It's official folks. Alex has given his blessing to the site! From now on 'Toth Fans' is the one and only "Official" Alex Toth website! A special thanks needs to go out to Dave Cook and John Hitchcock. Without them it never would have happened. Thanks guys!So in celebration we have a new URL too! No more goofy URL that you have to bookmark to remember just type -

Toth: 'Sez me'

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, December 7, 2002 / 12:12am CST in News

Ever wonder what tools Toth uses to put his masterful lines down on paper with? Well wonder no more as Toth has send along a nice letter filled with 'doodles' and "Tool Talk"

Annotated Unreal!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, September 8, 2002 / 12:09am CDT in News

The "Annotated Unreal!" is now online. Toth is really starting to get into the swing of it now. Check it out..."The Annotated Unreal! "

Annotated Survival!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Tue, August 20, 2002 / 12:08am CDT in News

All right, I'm sure everyone is super disappointed that I have not yet posted my San Diego Comicon 2002 report, right? But I figured that I had had a choice - 1.) Do my Con report or 2.) Post a new installment of one of Toth's Annotated stories. So here it is from John H. and the hand of Toth - "The Annotated Survival! " Will you ever forgive me...?

Annotated "The Monument"

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, July 14, 2002 / 12:07am CDT in News

The latest installment of "THE ANNOTATED TOTH" as been posted! In this installment John and Alex discuss The Monument." Enjoy!

A Community Helping Out and Gallery Update

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, June 16, 2002 / 12:06am CDT in News

-A Community Helping Out-As reported by Steve Lieber on our Forums, Comic creator Bill Loebs and his wife are going through some very tough financial times right now, and folks all over the web are pitching in to help them get